Zucchini: 10 Recipes for Every Taste

Zucchini, what are the most delicious recipes and easy to prepare? Versatile, tasty and read: Zucchini finally reappear on our tables and with them we can prepare countless recipes. If in fact they are the meatballs on great classic, in part because particularly favored by children, with Zucchini can really prepare a flood of items, from early starters, side dishes.

Avocado: great ally against blood sugar, high blood pressure and bad cholesterol

Source of omega 3 fatty acids, mineral salts and vitamins: Avocados, of many nutrients, is a valuable ally against metabolic syndrome, or against a series of metabolic factors that put a person at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Rice: 1 parcel out of 4 is a stranger, but the consumer doesn’t know. The announcement of the compulsory labelling of origin

Where does the rice that we find on the shelves of Italy? A parcel out of 4 is alien and the 2016 shows a record of imports. Finally, however, triggered the obligation to report the origin on the labels, to allow the consumer to recognize the true Made in Italy.

Whole grains: benefits, property, calories and which prefer

We know that it would be better to consume whole grains rather than refined. But what are the advantages of this choice?

Carrefour withdraws taleggio cheese for Listeria Monocytogens.

The note supermarket chain Carrefour has withdrawn from the shelves a lot of taleggio cheese lands of Italy Casarrigoni for the possible presence of Listeria Monocytogens.

Nuts and seeds: how and why put them to soak

Fruits and nuts and oilseeds are two categories of foods rich in properties that we have repeatedly advised to put on the table. But you know that, for all their benefits, it would be best to first put them to soak? We explain why.

Attention, retired blue shark for heavy metals.

New food alert. The Health Ministry has drawn a whole lot of frozen fish due to the possible presence of heavy metals.

Linseed oil: properties, nutritional values, usages and contraindications

Linseed oil is obtained by cold pressure of the roasted seeds or dried flax plant. Known already at the Babylonians well 3 thousand years ago, the flax is a small shrub reaching a maximum height of about one metre and in the spring produces blue flowers. As the name suggests, this is an extremely versatile plant, which found use in various fields.

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