Stuffed Peppers: the Original Recipe and 10 Variations

Spicy, Raja and small to do one bite: who knows the Sun of the South, and in particular of calabria, must have savored the intense taste of cherry peppers. Strictly, these stuffed peppers, also called “Satan’s Kisses”, are distinguished for their small size and shape similar to that of a cherry crushed toe.

Typical appetizer of southern Italy, prepared with tuna or anchovies, even the stuffed peppers lend themselves to many variants that agree everyone.

Almost everyone can be a long preservation in cans, which is why the preparation you have to be careful to sterilize the jars in which you will put your chili and let out all the air right before closing them, to avoid creating mold and cut down the risk of botulism.

Chilli-peppers in olive oil, the Calabrian recipe

The original recipe, the one that comes from the heart of calabria, requires to prepare some time. After emptying the chillies without breaking them we must put them for about 7 days in white vinegar. Then prepare a paste of tuna, capers, anchovies and fill them. Here the whole procedure.

1) Stuffed peppers with herbs

An explosion of taste and smell this round chilli recipe that uses a myriad of mixed herbs (thyme-Basil-Mint-Marjoram-melissa-oregano) and only capers (no tuna). Here’s the recipe.

2) Vegetarian stuffed peppers

The vegetarian variant of this recipe is really simple and affordable for everyone, also can be preserved for months. Do blanch the peppers in a white wine sauce and vinegar, oregano, bay leaf, juniper berries, cloves and a few grains of pepper. Then, once dry, fill them with a mixture that you made with tofu and soy sauce. Here the complete recipe.

3) Tofu-stuffed chili peppers

Well cleaned and bleached, for this recipe the peppers are blanched in a pot with water and vinegar. Then it must be filled with a paste made from capers, oregano, tofu and hemp-fu. Here the whole recipe.

4) Peppers stuffed with cheese and potatoes (baked recipe)

Nothing long term storage for this recipe, but a mouth-watering baked delight. In this case the mixture is given by mashed potatoes and a good handful of diced Swiss. Everything, then, au gratin (a touch of class can be given by adding a PEAR). Here’s the recipe.

5) Peppers stuffed with ricotta

Store in jar, these peppers are great for an appetizer, a side dish but also to flavor sauces and garlic bread. Once followed the traditional process, within them is inserted chopped capers and ricotta. Put them all in an airtight glass jar and consumed at every opportunity. Here’s the recipe.

6) Stuffed peppers with couscous

Prepare the couscous as your habit, then stir in finely chopped dried tomatoes, capers and olives. Stuffed peppers. Here the complete recipe.

7) Peppers stuffed with cheese

Washed, cleaned and prepared as usual the peppers, then cut into chunks and cheese stuffed pepper. Keep them in oil. Here the procedure.

8) Vegan hummus stuffed chili peppers and capers

For this delicious recipe will need some chickpea hummus which should be added the chopped capers. These peppers can be eaten immediately or preserved in oil. Here’s the recipe.

9) Rice stuffed peppers

Also excellent with traditional chilli peppers stuffed with rice, this recipe is a must for the summer. Combined with cheese and tomatoes, rice will give a fresh touch to the dish. Here the complete recipe.

10) Stuffed peppers recipe for Thermomix

Capers, anchovies, tuna everything in your food processor. Remove the mixture and fill the peppers one by one. Here the procedure.

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