Pizza Dough: 10 Ways to Make it Fluffy and Tasty

Soft and tasty pizza dough? You can! Over time maybe you have found some tricks and solutions to make it fluffy and tasty to eat. They are really many ways to prepare a pizza dough soft and good.

Here is a collection of ideas and recipes to prepare homemade pizza dough and get a good result with the sourdough that with Baker’s yeast, or by adding the ingredients a little unusual compared to traditional designations.

With these tips you will prepare a dough for pizza even better. Are you ready to experience it and to put finger in the pie?

1) Soft pizza dough with potatoes

One of the most popular tricks to prepare a pizza dough very soft is to use potatoes directly between the basic ingredients after they have been boiled and allowed to cool. Here’s the recipe.

2) Quick pizza dough with Greek yogurt

A pizza dough soft but quick and easy to prepare it the Greek yogurt as a secret ingredient. With this trick you can make pizza quick yogurt. Here’s the recipe to follow.

3) Pizza dough like in pizzeria

To prepare the pizza dough as in pizza restaurants will serve you merely lukewarm water, flour, yeast, oil and salt. The secret ingredient is whole wheat flour. Instead of sugar you can add honey or malt to promote fermentation. Watch the video to learn how to make pizza just like in a pizzeria.

4) Pizza dough with Thermomix

Who has the food processor will be facilitated in preparing the pizza dough, especially when dealing with large amounts of ingredients to handle.

5) Pizza Dough with sourdough

If you have of yeast mother, you should definitely experiment with homemade pizza dough preparation and achieved thanks to true sourdough. Watch the video to find out the recipe and how to do it.

6) Soft pizza dough without yeast

Those who are intolerant to yeast can experience a variant of pizza dough and prepare it without using the yeast but choosing in its place the baking soda. Here’s the recipe to follow.

7) Soft and tasty pizza I go mad

If you want to prepare a pizza dough soft and tasty, don’t forget to follow the directions and Grandma’s recipes, which are always full of tricks for cooking at its best. Here a recipe useful.

8) Soft pizza dough without gluten

Who also has celiac or gluten intolerant can get a pizza dough soft and tasty, but at the same time, gluten-free and suitable for their diet. Just choose the right flour. Here’s the recipe.

9) Pizza dough with yeast

The pizza dough according to the original recipe is prepared with fresh yeast. Prepare a dough soft and crunchy taste. Here’s the recipe to follow.

10) Pizza dough with turmeric

If you want to prepare a pizza dough a little unusual but at the same time soft and tasty, add to the usual ingredients a dash of turmeric.

What are your tricks for homemade pizza dough?

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