Fast Cold Appetizers than Prosciutto and Melon

It’s hot and you would like to bring to the table something fresh, practical and fast to prepare for the Starter? Then aimed at home-quick to prepare sauces, raw vegetables cut into sticks and single-serving salad.

Here’s a collection of recipes of cold starters.

1) Hummus

You can serve as an appetizer the chickpea hummus in classic version or one of its variants, in order to serve this sauce in a variety of colors really cheerful. For example to your classic hummus you can add carrots or spinach. Accompanied the hummus with bread slices and Croutons. The preparation will be very quick if you get within reach of chickpeas already boiled. Here the recipes.

2) Pinzimonio

You can accompany raw vegetables cut into sticks for your dips – like carrots, celery and cucumber-with an emulsion of olive oil and lemon, with mustard sauce or with a homemade sauce by blending green olives or olives with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Here many ideas for sauces to dip.

3) Guacamole

Another idea to bring to the table a fresh and easy appetizer is the preparation of guacamole. For the basic recipe serve avocado, lemon or lime juice and a pinch of salt. But you can prepare the guacamole in many variations. Here’s the recipe.

4) Gazpacho

You can prepare the gazpacho, the famous Andalusian cold soup in small portions to be served in bowls as a starter. Are perfect summer vegetables, starting from tomatoes followed by cucumbers and tomatoes. Here the recipes.

5) Zucchini rolls

You can prepare simple rolls Zucchini slicing in subtle ways of Zucchini stuffed olives, gherkins, Kurdish, like tomatoes or choose vegetable creams. You can also use Zucchini lightly grilled to be served cold anyway. Here lots of recipes from which to take inspiration.

6) Tzatziki sauce

Another quick idea to prepare is the tzatziki sauce, a Greek yogurt and cucumber cold sauce that you can accompany with slices of bread, bread sticks or raw vegetables cut into sticks. You can prepare the tzatziki sauce according to the original or one of its variants, even vegan. Here the recipes.

7) Bruschetta with pate of tofu and olives

To prepare this appetizer cold fast will serve you slices of bread, even better if integral, from tofu mix for creamy (unless you have purchased the “silken tofu”) and green olives for garnish. Here’s the recipe.

8) Cucumber Roulades

Are you looking for ideas for preparing the rolls completely to raw? Here are the cucumber rolls, which can be served with a stuffed peppers and sliced carrots into strips. Here the complete recipe Crudiste Recipes blog.

9) Cold stuffed tomatoes

This cold appetizer will be really quick to prepare if you are already at the disposal of leftover rice with vegetables or rice salad to fill of fresh tomatoes, maybe collected directly from the garden. Here the complete recipe.

10) Cardamom carrot salad

Another really easy to prepare recipe will allow you to serve a cold salad of carrots in individual serving bowls for the starter. Serve raw carrots, almonds, raisins, lemon juice and cardamom powder. Here’s the recipe.

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