Bruschetta: 10 Recipes for Every Taste the Tomato

Quick to prepare starters can not miss the bruschetta. They usually serve the classic bruschetta with tomatoes, you may want to replace them or to accompany them with proposals a little different from the usual.

Here’s a collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes suitable for preparing bruschetta really original and tasty.

1) Bruschetta with Eggplant

With Eggplant you can prepare the bruschetta and whatnot to serve as an appetizer or as an aperitif. In addition to the Eggplant will serve you bread, oil, garlic, parsley, and balsamic vinegar. Cook the Eggplant on the grill or in a frying pan. Here the complete recipe.

2) Bruschetta with black cabbage and cannellini

A proposal is a bit different from the classic bruschetta. Here are the bruschetta with black cabbage and white beans. Black bread served with cereals from slice that will be season with Kale, cannellini beans and tabasco. Here’s the recipe to follow.

3) Bruschetta with tofu Pate and olives

To prepare these bruschetta to serve as an appetizer cold fast will serve you slices of bread, even better if integral, from tofu mix for creamy (unless you have purchased the “silken tofu”) and green olives for garnish. Here’s the recipe.

4) Bruschetta with peppers

You can season your bruschetta with diced peppers, using them in raw or sautéed them. As you may be used, for example, chopped parsley and pitted black olives. Or you can choose the grilled peppers or marinated. Here a recipe to inspire you.

5) Tasty bruschetta with paprika and tofu

To prepare these tasty bruschetta with paprika and tofu get slices of bread type pugliese, fresh tofu, sweet paprika, olive oil and chopped parsley. Those who like strong flavors can also use garlic and onions. Here’s the recipe to follow.

6) Bruschetta with Pistachio pesto

With fresh basil, olive oil and pistachios can prepare an excellent homemade pesto with which to dress your bruschetta. You can also add the cream cheese or creamy tofu to enrich the preparation. Here’s the recipe to follow.

7) Bruschetta with mushrooms

You can prepare your bruschetta from fresh mushrooms. If you like, set in a pan of mushrooms sautéed with garlic and parsley. Combined with the olive oil dressing, fresh thyme and a few drops of mild vinegar, such as Apple Cider vinegar. Here’s the recipe to inspire you.

8) Avocado bruschetta

With the avocado pulp can prepare a tasty sauce with which to dress bruschetta. You can combine the preparation of different colored peppers and herbs. In some supermarkets and food stores you will find avocado grown in Italy. Here’s the recipe to follow.

9) Bruschetta with fresh strawberries and Basil

Have you ever thought to garnish your bruschetta with a piece of fruit? You can prepare the bruschetta nothing short of originals using strawberries to match with fresh basil leaves and soy or tofu ricotta cheese or creamy. Here’s the recipe to take to prepare the bruschetta with strawberries and basil.

10) Bruschetta with soy ricotta, oranges and fennel

Here’s a recipe a little different than usual to serve as an appetizer and beyond. These are the bruschetta with soy ricotta, oranges and fennel. You’ll also need lemon juice, olive oil and chopped fresh mint for garnish. Here the complete recipe.

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